CAS is complete software solution for communication cost control and collection of data about usage from different systems like; Ericsson MD110, Business phone,  Cisco Call Manager, MITEL, AVAYA, SIEMENS, NEXSPAN, AASTRA i others. The equipment under control can be installed on one location  or distrubuted all over the world. CAS has not geografical limits and all data are processed in central system.

CAS sistem collect informations from remote locations directly from legacy PBXes or from IP ports of different communication equipment.  CAS central server process all SMDR data and even different invoices from fixed, wirelles or data operators. The users have central view of complete cost alocated among company structure.

The exspenses are precise alocated to departements and verticaly agregated toward head sector for easy overview and drill down ability to identify point of expense.

CAS allocate and agregate cost usage of all comunication instruments and present in good organized reports.

Data about call cost are verticaly structured for easy overview.
CAS mark each cost item with General Ledger account number, then generate file for precise cost allocation in accounting books.

We have references with customers which use our solution for over 10 years.
Real network solution independent of client OS make CAS easy to use and almost zero edication needed to start.