Data from communication system CAS software agregate in central data base. All data received from connected equipment are stored in raw form. The reason for this is control of errors and authentication of data in case of fault.
We had situation that database corupted and it was possible to renew complete reports from raw data.
In next step sistem make calculations and alocation of results from raw data. Processed data are stored in well organized data base.
Part of primary reports is created imediately after processed but most of reports are done in real time acording user request and selected parameters.
For CAS creation of tailored reports is easy task as data are well organized and quickly accessible.
All reports are by default ready to be transformed in PDF or CSV directly from report page.
According request it is possible to crate XML formated file for use in user specific applications.

Each user has personal login and can control own group of reports. The CAS administrator make user credentials.