Data reporting

One of great advantages of CAS aplication is easy access to data and reports.
Long cooperation with serious users we crated ready made reports which cover most of business needs for good cost control.

Each report will be displayed on screen or automaticaly generated and delivered by e-mail and can be printed out or stored on disk for archive.
All screen repors are created in real time in way that user select parameters on screen and this request sending to dbase for report generation.

Export of reports

On report screen above table are different selections for different functions for additional conversion of report. Report from screen can be converted in pPDF document or CVS list.  Selected forcan be sent to file, local or remote disk, printed on printer or sent as attachement to e-mail.

In addition this report can be tagged as XML according user specific request. For archiving it is possible from PDF file generate tiff file format. This generators are  option in CAS which we make tailored for customers.

Report structure

Cost alocation si possible to be presented by Location; Operater; Departement; Autor; Called number; Group of numbers.
F0r each group it is possible to get all data in table form sorted by:
price of call, duration, used trunk group, operator, number of calls per day, call type (fixed network, mobile, data), outgoing, incoming


Table structure is well graphicaly presented; next level name is indented to visualy present structure.


CAS aplication generate personalized reports for single user, departement, group of trunks, called number, etc. 
Most of organizations control expenses by puting limit on cost of mobile usage, if user make overlimit usage automatic report will be generated and automaticaly delivered to e-mail of user.


CAS Administrator program type of report and delivery date for reporting. It is avaliable a full set of user and system reports like status of system, dayly usage reports, new administration nad lot more.