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Evolution of light

The sun was a first light sorce in a human history and after that different light sources has been used. The flaming touch from cave fire was probably early man's first use of 'artificial' lighting, then they used oil lamps from animal oil,  after discovery of candle it was much easier to light the night. In 18th century first gas lighting introduced and electric-arc light, but real change was patent of incandescent lamp in a mid 19th century. Since this time it was many chages in filamets of lamps. The latest lamps are fluorescent lamps with hight efficacy, but problem is that they use mercury and they are not ecological.
Probably in next decade the LED will be light source for most.

LED is short from Light Emiting Diode
Difference from incandescent lamp is that greatest portion of electric current is transformed in to light. Incandescent lamp only 5% of electrical power transform to light while LED make more than  30% into light. 

LED technology brings much more advantages comparing to clasical light sources.
  • Much mechanical resistant make easy handling and application
  • Less heating and it is much easier for designers to use various materials for lamps.
  • Moch less power consumption for same light output
Less heating from lamp less air-conditionig->less power consumption.
What PELCOM do?
We make different kind of modules for use in lamps. Our main product are small LED modules which replace standard halogen lamps. But also we make complete lamps for industrial use and we are able to make tailored LED modulse or complete luminaries.

As we are in this business for over 4 years we have good references and we are able to tell you which LEDs are good for which applications.

Be free to ask question sending mail or call our numbers. 

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