Aluminium die cast housing
Kompakt and solid 
Honeycomb structure of housing

Such structure of housing produce chimney efect for cooling air. 
This ensure good cooling of LED element




Ventilation holes on edgge are for air flow through housing

Smoth and tidy lines show elegant shape 





Various optical avaliable 90° or 120° 

LED chips with high efficiency.

LED in such setut acheive up to 160 lm/W

With good quality constant current souce total efficiency is over 130 lm/W





Elegant design is acceptable even in office
Dimetar  300 mm can be elegant and provocative in office.

Quality of LED modulea can be adjusted for use in flats and offices by puting LED with high CRI.

Lamp can be done with various electronc for different control standards of inteligent light control

DALI, 0-10V, PWM, KNX Phase cut