C35 is standard type often used in small lamps and chadeliers.>

Small dimensions and different base selection make this lamp attractive to replace small standard incandescent lamps.

Power of C35 LED bulb is 4,1W and it use 3x1W power LED, light is distrubuted by adequate lens in round direction over lamp.

C35 use E14 or E27 base.

Light options

White 3000K – 4000K - 5000 - 6000K
It can be color LED
Red – Blue – Green - Amber


Voltage: 220V AC/DC; 12V AC/DC; 24V AC/DC
Housing temperature max. 60°
Bases: E27 - E14 - B22
Dimensions 39 mm x 106 mm
Power 4,1W
Light output: 270 - 380 lumens; it depent of LED used

We do verisons for dimming. Also we can make Constant current version for use with DALI or PWM or Analog dimmers.