Spot lamp is mostly used for interior ilumination.
Dimension of  LED spot is 50 mm and it is direct replacement for standard halogen lamps .

Depending on type of LED spot can replace 20-50W halogen lamp

In our offer we have two basic types of LED spot 4,8W and 6W which gives light output of 360 to 470 lumen.


Main advantage of LED over halogen lamp is big difference in power consumption. LED spot of 4,8W can replace halogen lamp of 35W, sometime low quality 50W halogen is easy replaced by LED 4,8W. This is almopst 10 times less power.

Second advatage is mich less heat disipation. LED lamp in normal operation has temperature of  max. 60°C while halogen lamp exceed 150°C.

The life time of LED is over 10-20 times toward halogen lamp.

Connections and voltages

E27 - usualy used for mains voltages 220V

GU10 usualy used for mains voltages 220V

MR16(G5,3)   for use with low voltage systems 12 or 24 V